Conquer Online: Super Guild War

You can get transformed to get different skills. Destroy the constructions or defeat enemies to gain points. The Guild points and individual points will be recorded. Rewards include Rare Yellow Rune Packs, Animas, CPs, etc. Clan Leaders will claim and distribute the rewards. Winners on the Hero Rankings will get the bravery packs.

Eudemons Online: Hunting Carnival

A rush of evil power intruded into Ancient Fire Tomb. Heroes here need to face with a new challenge!
Join in the Hunting Carnival to get items that make you more powerful!

Conquer Online: Raising Delight

You can use books of Art, Literature, Combat, and Magic courses to gain Growth Points & increase the star level, and you’ll win abundant rewards!

Eudemons Online: New Server KingGround

In the middle of the night, there is a blur of song on the empty stage of the Fantastic Opera House. From February 15, 2020 to February 28, 2022, brave people who join in the Spring Dance can find out the trut

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